Beth’s Restaurant

2 reviews

David Willis

Director Dave

I’ve eaten here many times, but not as much as I’d like to. The food is excellent, even when the chef experiments.  If you’re lucky, you’ll be there on a night when there’s banana pudding.  The service is excellent and the waitress (who looks suspiciously like the chef) is comely. The place has a very homey feel, and the delivery service is the fastest known to mankind!

The only downsides are: 1. There’s an outdoor bar next door — just avoid it because the patrons are surly drunks.  2. There are some gangly youths hanging around inside. For some reason, they keep feeding them. If they didn’t, they’d just go away. But they’re harmless.

And last but not least — you can’t beat the prices!

p.s. Be sure and try the glorpie!


I wish I could give this place no stars!!! They wouldn’t let me use the bathroom even though I came early and there was no line!!! I’d write more about how terrible this place is except I’m using a computer in a house I broke into and I hear the people coming home. And how come there wasn’t another season of “Freakish?!?” There are unresolved stories!!!  Rrrrrrrrrgh.