Women In Equity Crowdfunding

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Emotional Intelligence: Women are usually in tune with their feelings, which can help business relations. These emotional-intelligence factors like empathy, honesty and communicating clearly give them greater appeal on crowdfunding platforms.” Thrive Global article, November, 2019, on how women are beating the funding gender bias.

Women hold a natural advantage in Equity Crowdfunding. In fact, they are even more successful in this area than in seeking investments from venture capitalists. Startup companies with female CEOs only receive 4% of all venture capital invested, but they receive 22% of all dollars invested through Equity Crowdfunding. That’s more than five times as much as through venture capitalists!

Producer Katherine Botts
Producer Katherine Botts raised over $1 million with equity crowdfunding.

“Before working with David, the only crowdfunding experience I had was donation-based crowdfunding like Kickstarter. When I learned about the new law that allowed anyone to invest, I jumped at the chance to be part of the exciting and innovative “wild west” method of getting investments.

David spent countless hours researching equity crowdfunding and trying out what works and what doesn’t. His patience and perseverance earned him a wealth of knowledge that I’m privileged to learn from him.

This masterclass will empower you. It will give you the skills for a successful start to your fundraising, and to anticipate any roadblocks down the line. I encourage women to take the leap and commit to your passion. Invest in yourself by taking the time to try Equity Crowdfunding. Our project raised $1 million and it changed my entire career.”  – Katherine Botts, Producer

Case Studies

Dawn Dickson

Dawn Dickson

Dawn Dickson raised over $1 million with Equity Crowdfunding for her intelligent vending platform, PopComView her successful campaign here.

Martha Hernandez successfully used equity crowdfunding

Martha Hernandez

Martha Hernandez raised over $126,000 with Equity Crowdfunding for her career-enhancing app, MadeBOSView her successful campaign here.

Desiree Staples successfully used equity crowdfunding

Desiree Staples

Desiree Staples, with Pulp Digital Productions, raised over $170,000 for their film project, Take Me To Tarzana, by using Equity Crowdfunding.   View her successful campaign here.

Jane West equity crowdfunding

Jane West

Jane West raised over $516,000 with Equity Crowdfunding for her one-stop shopping platform for cannabis consumers.  View her successful campaign here.

Jamie Midgal, successful equity crowdfunding

Jamie Migdal

Jamie Migdal raised over $110,000 for FetchFind, a subscription service that connects pet owners with the best pet resources. Because, as her campaign says: “Your dog can’t leave reviews on Yelp.”  View her successful campaign here.

More women in Equity Crowdfunding with successful campaigns

A smart business card app
Making car ownership easier
Infertility app
Single-serving pocket pies
Sous-vide cooking at home
Elegant party supplies
Non-invasive trees for a cleaner world
Activewear that promotes energy

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Desiree Staples, film producer

I had experience working on a project that used Equity Crowdfunding before – and I’m excited to use what I learned in this masterclass for our next campaign. I wish this class had been available before! I would absolutely recommend this masterclass to other people, no matter what your level is – whether you’ve done Equity Crowdfunding before or not – to take your project to the next level.

Desiree Staples


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