When Should You Start?

The Perfect Time for Equity Crowdfunding Is...

Are you thinking about launching a new product line, or opening a new location? Or maybe you have an idea for a company, and have even started a small business, selling a product to friends and neighbors who rave about it! Or perhaps you’ve got an app or online company that’s just taking off – if only you could raise the capital you need to really get it in perfect working order. (That’s exactly what Equity Crowdfunding does.)

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I have to ask you one more: What’s holding you back?

There will always be a reason to delay starting or expanding a new business. Success takes risk, and comfort is hard to disrupt. So if you’re wondering when the right time to start an Equity Crowdfunding campaign is, the (very simple) answer is now.

There will always be reasons to delay starting your campaign. Maybe you want to wait until you’ve paid off the car, or you think next summer will be the ideal time for people to discover your product. But if you really want something, you’ll find a way to work with those obstacles. There will always be risks and sacrifices to finding success – you have to decide for yourself just how much you want it. You must learn to love your obstacles, because that’s the only thing you can always be sure you’ll have!

Any entrepreneur will tell you about the risks they had to overcome to find success. Martha Hernandez, CEO of MadeBOS, told us about her own worries in starting out. “[Venture capitalists] kept telling me not to do it because if it didn’t become a success, it would hurt me in the future…We may lose everything, but we may gain more. If you have a good idea, and you stick with it, then eventually something happens.”

She trusted her gut and ended up raising over $100,000!

Mamie’s Pies Founder Kara Romanik (successful Equity Crowdfunder) has similar advice for those just starting out.

“First and foremost, you need to take a risk. Now that I look back at how I started, I really realize that if you wait for the perfect time to start something, when all the stars are going to line up, it will never happen….There are a million great ideas that don’t see the light of day, because people don’t take a risk…We don’t always follow our gut. But as you get older, you look back and you realize how many times your gut was right. I took that chance, I followed my gut, and I had a vision and an end goal….I had no idea how to get there. But I knew if I took just two steps at a time, the next two steps will reveal themselves to me, and it won’t feel so overwhelming, like I have 1000 steps. No. Take two.”

She’s right. If you take two steps today, and two steps tomorrow, you’ll be that much closer to the life you’re imagining.

So hold yourself accountable, to yourself! One easy step you can take right now is to sign up for our newsletter, and we’ll send you reminders and tips on how to raise money for your business. Or sign up for the masterclass and learn how to raise serious money – and make your dream a reality.

Sure, you could fail. Starting a business isn’t easy – if it was, everyone would be their own boss. But I challenge you to challenge yourself. Otherwise, the worst could happen — you’ll look back, years from now, and regret not taking a chance. Plus, if you run your campaign the right way, Equity Crowdfunding is the best chance you have to get your idea financed right now!

Your crowd is out there, waiting to support you! They just need you to take one step, and get that much closer to showing up for them. They’re waiting. Just one small action each day will get you on your way to raising serious money. So what are you waiting for?

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