Equity Crowdfunding is the process through which people across the country and around the world (i.e. the "crowd") invest money in a company in exchange for shares in that company.

When someone buys in to your campaign, they'll own a small part (which you define) of the final product – giving them a share in your success and therefore more incentive to invest. All the while, you maintain complete creative control – no studio, no TV networks, just true artistic freedom to make the film you want to make, with the money to make it happen.

Equity Crowdfunding: By the Numbers




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Equity Crowdfunding (officially called "Regulation Crowdfunding," or Reg CF for short) can be used to finance a brand new film or to fund continuing work on an existing film. You can raise any amount from $10,000 to over $1 million per year. Unlike Kickstarter or Indiegogo, Reg CF campaigns do not focus on donations from friends and family, but on the hundreds of thousands of interested investors already on approved platforms.*  Because of this, the average Reg CF campaign is almost twice as likely to be successful, and raises more than ten times the average Kickstarter campaign.

Equity Crowdfunding became law in the United States in 2016 with the passage of the JOBS Act, a bipartisan law that opened up new opportunities for businesses to raise capital. Those using Equity Crowdfunding are at an advantage over Kickstarter fundraising because they are much more likely to reach their minimum goal.





Equity Crowdfunding

But since the law was passed so recently, there are no comprehensive resources and tools for filmmakers who want to reach their maximum goal. Until now.

Say goodbye to Kickstarter,

and start making movies!

* For example, our own campaign (which raised over $1 million) had 893 total investors, only 6 of whom were acquaintances of ours. That means 887 strangers invested over a million dollars in our movie!

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All data on crowdfunding is from publicly available sources, collected and compiled for years 2016 -- 2018. Sources include: Crowdfund Capital Advisors Report to the SEC  •  Kickstarter Success Data  •  Microventures: Key Findings •  A New World of Fundraising •  Best Practices • and many others.

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