Equity Crowdfunding Success Stories

Woman gets a million dollars

“Oh, it’s a million dollars!”

Ah, if only it were as easy as getting a present from Santa! But yes, we did raise a million dollars for a Christmas movie. I put every scrap of hard-earned knowledge into that campaign, and now I’m sharing it with you.

Our Success Story

David Willis, equity crowdfunding expert, uses $1 million to make a movie.
David Willis on a sound stage mixing a motion picture.

Here I am on a motion picture sound stage finishing the movie I made using the $1 million I raised with Equity Crowdfunding. Check out both campaigns – notice they are seemingly identical. But I made subtle changes in the second one that helped propel us to our goal. My video only cost $1,200. I made sure to include my whole team, because making a movie is like being a family. It’s important that the tone of the video matches the business that’s raising the money. Authenticity is key. Why did I split my campaign into two parts back-to-back on different platforms? I’ll explain my strategy in the masterclass.


First Campaign

See the first half of our successful campaign.

We raised $226,400.
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Wefunder logo

Second Campaign

After fine tuning my message, we raised $960,702.
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Successful Equity Crowdfunding Campaigns

In the course, I will analyze these successful campaigns for you. Every second of every video, every word of every campaign page, every answer they gave to questions – I will distill it down and show you why these people succeeded.  And – more importantly – I will show how YOU can apply the same techniques to make your own unique campaign just as powerful!

Giant Leap Coffee logo

Logan and Lauren have a casual style coupled with a very strong work ethic. They make you feel warm and confident, just like a good cup of coffee does! Their winning manner got them to their maximum goal of $250,000 for their company, Giant Leap Coffee.

Massimo Noja De Marco and his team have raised $282,000 so far for their pizza-making robot. It’s technology meets the munchies in a slick – yet engaging – campaign that’s a good example of a technology/food fundraise. 

Successful equity crowdfunding campaign for pizza making robot
Avrani logo

Rooshy Roy and her team ran a campaign for their premium skincare product company and raised many times their minimum goal. Their simple 90-second pitch, interspersed with beauty shots of their product, garnered them $429,000 in investments.

Not every company is seeking to raise millions of dollars. North Country Showcase was a local project with a small, realistic minimum raise of $10,000. They ran a casual, friendly campaign, with a brief 80-second video that showed a variety of the craft items they sold at their location. They ended up raising $13,100. Since it’s a small operation, that amount was significant for their business, and must be considered a success! However, if they had made a few minor no-cost tweaks to their campaign (which I will detail in the course), I believe they could’ve easily doubled that amount, or more.

North Country Showcase Successful equity crowdfunding campaign
One Roq Successful equity crowdfunding campaign

Garrett Green, Founder of ONE ROQ Spirits, had his first campaign underperform. But he boldly retooled the message to laser focus on his target market and rocketed to a raise of $999,968.  When you see my analysis of his campaign, you’ll understand why sometimes your customer is also your investor. And just as importantly – you’ll learn when they aren’t! Also of note, while many CEOs appear in their campaign videos, Garrett did not. I can help you decide if you, or your team members, or professional talent should be the faces of your campaign. And some campaign videos benefit by only showcasing the product itself. A simple checklist will help you decide.

These are just a few of the real-world Equity Crowdfunding success stories I will analyze in the course. I will also explain:

  • Why some campaigns succeeded
  • Why some campaigns failed
  • How some could’ve raised MORE money than they did
  • How just a few key words in the video makes all the difference
  • Why some videos and campaign pages should’ve been shorter or longer (The type of company or product will determine this)
  • How to make a memorable video on any budget
  • How some entrepreneurs unwittingly created a lot more work for themselves than needed
  • And much, much more!

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