People of Color In Equity Crowdfunding

People of color are successfully starting and expanding businesses with Equity Crowdfunding. By pitching directly to hundreds of thousands of investors online, they are taking control of the finance process.

The Best New Way for African Americans to Invest In or Start a Business – Equity Crowdfunding. Now, Black investors and entrepreneurs have access from the beginning and can share in the economic gains made by startups growing and hiring.Black Enterprise Magazine

People of Color working together
Martha Hernandez successfully used equity crowdfunding

We interviewed Martha Hernandez about her experience, and here’s what she told us:

“I knew at the time that raising capital – I’m from Oakland so I’m in the Silicon Valley Bubble – was going to be difficult, because I’m Latina, so there were all these barriers.

I’d never built a business before. My family has never been in that line of success.[Venture capitalists] kept telling me not to do it because if it didn’t become a success, it would hurt me in the future.

We may lose everything, but we may gain more. But what I also knew was that if you have a good idea, and you stick with it, then eventually something happens.”

She did stick with it, and something did happen: she raised $126,000 with Equity Crowdfunding for her company!

People of Color with Successful Equity Crowdfunding Campaigns

3some chocolate successfully used equity crowdfunding

Patrick Glanville and Kristin Parker raised over $233,000 (and they’re not done yet!) for their company 3 Some Chocolates with Equity Crowdfunding. Go here to see their campaign, but warning: it will make you hungry!

Provenance successfully used equity crowdfunding

Provenance, “prepared meals to nourish mind and body,” raised $102,000 already and the campaign isn’t near being finished. See what Carroll Lee is doing with Equity Crowdfunding.   View her successful campaign here.

Sweetberry successfully used equity crowdfunding

Desi Saran raised over $262,000 with Equity Crowdfunding for his “superfood with good vibes” company, SweetberryView the successful campaign here.

Fleeting successfully used equity crowdfunding

Pierre Laguerre raised over $1,070,000 with Equity Crowdfunding in July, 2020, in the middle of the pandemic. America keeps going and investors need opportunities, and they saw one in his company, FleetingView his successful campaign here.

Tallyfly successfully used equity crowdfunding

Amit Kothari and Pravins Pindoria founded Tallfy (“Workflow Made Easy“) and raised $302,000 with Equity Crowdfunding.  View their successful campaign here.

Blue successfully used equity crowdfunding

Jose Montero raised $1,070,000 for his company, Blue, with Equity Crowdfunding in July, 2020, in the middle of the pandemic – one of a number of entrepreneurs to do so. Investors believe in America, and put their dollars to work.  View the successful campaign here.

And here are a few of the many successful campaigns by people of color...

Next generation of washcloths for kids
A platform for NCAA athletes
Fun games for growing brands
B2B platform powered by A.I.
Easy rentals for military and federal employees
Next generation taco bar
Creating a better world of mental health
Digital currency marketplace to exchange products online

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