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LEGAL DISCLAIMER: No legal advice will be given as part of this program. Anything on this website or at the masterclass or from consultations should not be construed as advice from a lawyer. Always consult legal counsel for matters of law.

All data on crowdfunding is from publicly available sources, collected and compiled for years 2016 -- 2018. Sources include: Crowdfund Capital Advisors Report to the SEC  •  Kickstarter Success Data  •  Microventures: Key Findings •  A New World of Fundraising •  Best Practices • and many others.

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The online Equity Crowdfunding Masterclass will launch on March 1.

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Use this free introductory lesson to decide if Equity Crowdfunding is right for your company.

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Access the entire 15 lesson masterclass and learn how to run a successful Equity Crowdfunding campaign.



Access to the masterclass, plus bonus features and lessons that will help take your campaign to the next level.


What's included in the course:

1. First access to the only online masterclass on how to run an Equity Crowdfunding campaign in the United States, taught by a CEO who's actually done it successfully.

2. Fifteen comprehensive chapters that walk you step-by-step through the process of running a successful Equity Crowdfunding campaign (that you can learn at your own pace).

3. Extensive analyses of campaigns that worked – and some that didn't. (Plus bonus features and additional analysis with the premium course!)

4. A complete breakdown of the all-important pitch video – and how you can make a successful one for your campaign. How tiny changes in your video will have an exponential effect on your success.

5. Ongoing networking and support with our community of Equity Crowdfunders Facebook group.

What you'll learn:

How you can raise $10k to over $1 million for your company or project – without any social media, crowdfunding or marketing experience.

The number one reason people will invest in your company, project or product. 

The most common mistakes that doom campaigns.

The legal and accounting behind the scenes work that will make your Equity Crowdfunding campaign possible.

How to pitch your investment opportunity so people from all over the country (and the world!) will want to invest in YOU!

Techniques that will give your campaign momentum, and attract big money investors.

...and much, much more!

This is knowledge you won't find anywhere else.


Take this course, launch your campaign, and raise serious money™.