Equity Crowdfunding Masterclass Course Details

Each chapter contains specific examples, video tutorials, analysis of successful campaigns (plus ones that failed), and proven techniques not available anywhere else.

Chapters In the Course

Learn how Equity Crowdfunding works and whether it's right for your business. (This chapter can be seen as a Free Preview.)

Find out how Equity Crowdfunding became law recently.

Evaluate your business and refine your pitch. Hint: DON'T pitch it like a Kickstarter campaign because that's a sure way to fail.

Discover how to choose a campaign platform that best fits your goals.

We have some legal stuff to get out of the way (but we made it fun).

Master how to build the elements of your campaign.

Learn about the types of investors you'll encounter. This includes rich people who will contact you if you have a good pitch on your campaign page. There are specific techniques for dealing with high net worth individuals, and if you know how, you can double your funds overnight!

Find out how to get your investors to increase their existing investment without sounding like a salesperson! PRO TIP: Never try to "sell" to investors. The less you try to sell, the more they'll want to invest. (It sounds counter-intuitive, but it's actually easy once you know how.)

Get tips on how to make a unique video that is right for your campaign (no matter your budget). This info alone is worth more than the price of the course. Your video can determine whether you're going to raise just a few thousand dollars or $1 million. David will reveal his techniques for how he gained investors at 5x the industry standard!

"This may seem like a lot of chapters -- but I will walk you through it step-by-step in easily digestible bites."
David Willis is the instructor for the course
David Willis

Create ads for your campaign that will reach eager investors all over the world.

Discover other types of free outreach that will boost your campaign's profile.

Master the analytics that will help you stay on track and leverage your reach.

Discover how to keep in touch and continue to build your relationships with investors.

Understand how to put together a team and how to go it alone.

Create momentum that will catapult your campaign to high six figures – and even $1 million! This course will break it down into single steps that let you aim squarely for that magic phase of your campaign.

Ending on a high note, learn how to raise even more money after a successful campaign is finished. If you've done everything right, then you're actually going to have to turn money away because you've raised all you need...and then some.

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