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Offering Memorandum

You are welcome to download this document prior to the masterclass. Feel free to print a copy and bring it to take notes, but that's not required. We will put the document on the big screen and go over it page by page during class, and explain it thoroughly. 

Download the document here:
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LEGAL DISCLAIMER: No legal advice will be given as part of this program. Anything on this website or at the masterclass or from consultations should not be construed as advice from a lawyer. Always consult legal counsel for matters of law.

All data on crowdfunding is from publicly available sources, collected and compiled for years 2016 -- 2018. Sources include: Crowdfund Capital Advisors Report to the SEC  •  Kickstarter Success Data  •  Microventures: Key Findings •  A New World of Fundraising •  Best Practices • and many others.

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