When Should You Start?

The Perfect Time for Equity Crowdfunding Is… Are you thinking about launching a new product line, or opening a new location? Or maybe you have an idea for a company, and have even started a small business, selling a product to friends and neighbors who rave about it! Or perhaps you’ve got an app or … Read more

The Smart Way to Advertise

Where Should You Advertise Your Equity Crowdfunding Campaign? First off, if you just want to raise your minimum goal, advertising your campaign is not a requirement for Equity Crowdfunding. Portals will encourage you, but not require you, to spend your hard-earned dollars on promoting your investment opportunity. Many campaigns will hit their minimum goal with … Read more

Do You Really Want 700 Investors?

Cheering crowd of investors

Equity Crowdfunding –– Too Many Investors? One of the most common fears entrepreneurs have before starting a campaign is dealing with “the crowd” part of Equity Crowdfunding. Unlike Kickstarter – where someone chips in money and you can just write them a thank-you note and say goodbye – Equity Crowdfunding involves a longer term relationship with … Read more

Equity Crowdfunding During a Pandemic

Woman raises money during pandemic

How Has Covid19 Affected Equity Crowdfunding? While the world around us has fallen into chaos, one industry has experienced an unexpected boom: Equity Crowdfunding. It’s true. 2020 is the Year of the Crowd. There has never been a better time to start an Equity Crowdfunding campaign than now. For the fourth year in a row, … Read more