Equity Crowdfunding Masterclass

How to get investors for your project or business and raise serious money!

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Learn everything you need to run a successful Equity Crowdfunding campaign...
and raise $10k to over $1 million for your small business, movie, or startup.

This masterclass will save you time and money. From creating compelling video to finding investors without spending your own money, learn ways to get investments without asking. Discover vital information not available anywhere else.
Raising a million dollars doesn't require magic. With determination and proven techniques, you make one pitch seen by thousands of investors who will help make your dream idea a reality.
Take advantage of this type of investing before the field becomes overcrowded. Equity Crowdfunding is still very new, so the time to start your campaign is NOW!

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What You'll Learn

"This is 6 months of knowledge all in one package. Now I can take time to digest it, and get to my campaign a lot quicker.  It’s a great way to make money, but it’s not a get rich quick scheme. It takes effort and knowledge – and that’s what I got from David's Equity Crowdfunding masterclass."
Jason Shumway
Jason Shumway
Masterclass Student
"I learned so much at the Equity Crowdfunding masterclass. I came in not really knowing too much about it or knowing what to expect. And I’m leaving feeling very empowered and like I can actually do this, and not too overwhelmed. It’s very comprehensive, and I’m really excited to now take the next step with our project."
Stephanie Bates, Equity Crowdfunding Masterclass student
Stephanie Bates
Masterclass Student
“This is the kind of class where you learn the details where the rubber meets the road. It covers the breadth of exactly what you need from A to Z and drills down at least two or three layers on each topic. I’m now well-equipped to take the plunge and start my own campaign.
Manav Madhwa
Manav Wadhwa,
Masterclass Student

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